We design and deliver group physiotherapy classes

There is a growing base of evidence to support group physiotherapy as a cost-effective therapeutic intervention for various conditions.
The Next Step Physio class circuit model allows us to simultaneously provide a rehabilitation service to clients with established disease, disability or injury, alongside clients who have risk factors for those conditions, and would benefit from prehabilitation.

Our class circuit model also allows for the physiotherapist to use different therapeutic exercise interventions with different clients, which is why it is classified as group physiotherapy and usually claimable on private health insurance (T560).

Falls & Fracture Prevention

A sagittal view magnetic resonance image or MRI of lumbar spine showing ruptured intervertebral disc herniation at L4/5 level. The patient has back pain and sciatica or leg pain.

Designed for falls prevention and rehabilitation. A circuit of balance and weight-bearing exercises, each with 4 levels of progressive challenge: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Outcome measures are recorded to track your progress over time.


(Bladder, Bones & Balance)

This class is suitable for all women but designed with post-menopausal priorities in mind.

A careful combination of cardio, strength and balance exercises with variable impact and resistance depending on individual bone density and pelvic floor concerns.

Cross Physio

Stairs climbing running woman doing run up steps on staircase. Female runner athlete going up stairs in urban city doing cardio sport workout run outside during summer. Activewear leggings and shoes.

An intergenerational exercise circuit suitable for people who can get on and off the floor without assistance. Get your heart pumping. Challenge your balance & agility. Explore true core stability and strengthen sensibly.

Knee Replacement Circuit

Cropped image of handsome doctor bandaging woman's injured knee while working in his office

A circuit of active exercises, passive stretches and manual therapy to improve your range of motion, balance & mobility after a total knee replacement.

Exercise with Your Carer

We recognise the social and financial value of group physiotherapy.

If you usually require one-on-one assistance to exercise due to physical or cognitive impairment, we can potentially integrate your carer to assist you within our classes.

Carers may be friends, family or regular service providers.

Aging Well

Coming soon, stay tuned.

East Brisbane

@ Quany’s gym 104 Norman St, East Brisbane

Thursdays 3:15 pm
TKR ( Total Knee Replacement Rehab)

Thursdays 5:10pm
BBB (Bladder Bones & Balance)

Thursdays 6:10pm
P&P (Pregnancy & Postnatal)

Thursdays 7:15pm

Saturdays 7:30am
BBB (Bladder Bones & Balance)

Saturdays 8:30am
Pre – ski conditioning
* seasonal Nov – Jan and May – July

Saturdays 9:30 am
Cross Physio

Saturdays 11:15am
P&P (Pregnancy & Postnatal)

Saturdays 12:45pm
F&F (Falls & Fracture Prevention)

Saturdays 1:45pm
CCC (Cardio & Core Circuit).


@ 79 Sellheim St, Grange

Tuesdays 6:00am
Pre – ski conditioning
* seasonal Nov – Jan and May – July

Tuesdays 4:15pm
CCC (Cardio & Core Circuit)

Tuesdays 5:10pm
BBB (Bladder, Bones & Balance)

Tuesdays 6:10pm

Tuesdays 7:15pm
P&P (Pregnancy & Postnatal)

Thursdays 7:00am
Pre – ski conditioning
* seasonal Nov – Jan and May – July

Thursdays 8:45am

Thursdays 10:00am
BBB (Bladder, Bones & Balance)

Thursdays 11:00am
TKR (Total Knee Replacement Rehab)

Thursdays 12:30pm
F&F (Falls & Fracture Prevention)