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Meggen Lowry attained her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2007 from University of QLD, and her Master of Health Services Management from Griffith University in 2015.


Meggen has worked at Ipswich General Hospital, RBWH, Mater Mothers Hospital, Redlands Public Hospital and Metro South Aged Care Assessment Team.


She has a breadth of experience in the sub-disciplines of acute cardiology, respiratory, gerontology, women’s health, outpatient and post-acute rehabilitation.

Meggen established Next Step Physio in 2014 to meet a needs gap in the community.




Helping clients with the most debilitating of conditions to regain their mobility and quality of life is what makes a career in rehabilitation so rewarding. However, some of the conditions we regularly encounter are largely preventable with good medical management and strategic exercise. Rehabilitation physiotherapists see far too much osteoporosis, stroke, obesity, diabetes, dementia, falls & fractures, incontinence & prolapse.


People no longer have to age this way.


Scientific research has pointed us in the direction of disease prevention, but people often lack the education, foresight and commitment to put it into practice. Next Step Physio is a profit-for-good health service model that will bring affordable evidence-based exercise to the community.

Rehabilitation will always be what we do best, but it shouldn’t be our only focus.  Next Step Physio will reach out to the potential prehabilitation clients because we know how to change their course of ageing.


There is nothing more rewarding than a successful outcome from early intervention.


If you have any feedback about how we can improve our service to the community, or if you’d like to discuss opportunities to partner with us on new community health initiatives, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”quotation_marks_99


Meggen Lowry (BPhty) (MHSM)

Principal Physiotherapist

Next Step Physio