To allow us time to focus on our innovation projects (the Clock Yourself app and Balance Yourself book), Next Step Physio has temporarily reduced the number of group physiotherapy classes we offer in 2018 .

Because our group exercise classes are all tailorable to the individuals in them, we found that most people with  the conditions that we used to have specific classes for could actually be well accommodated in one of  two group physiotherapy classes: Cross Physio or BBB (Bladder, Bones & Balance – for women only).

With our group physio class structure, we often have super agile and fit people with minor injuries exercising alongside less fit people rehabilitating from heart surgery or even brain injury.

With this versatility we have built a great intergenerational exercise community that is inclusive of anyone at any age who can get on and off the floor, including pregnant women.

We also run a few extra balance classes in other community venues for older adults and people with disabilities affecting their balance. These balance classes are funded by community organisations, so they require an application for subsidy through those community organisations.

If you are interested in exercise classes for people with balance or mobility issues, please phone 07 3040 2119 or email to see if you can join our extra balance classes not published here.

2018 timetable