Our Practice

We love the challenges and rewards that come with working with people with debilitating conditions. We are committed to helping people with injuries, disease and disabilities achieve their full potential.

We loathe to profit from human suffering and are big advocates for early intervention wherever possible. The pre-habilitation arm of Next Step Physio was developed to steer our clients away from some of the preventable conditions that we encounter in the rehabilitation industry.

Our Locations

This is an innovative private practice without walls. We rehabilitate individuals in their homes, and deliver group exercise therapy in community venues.

Our Classes

Next Step Physio classes are like no other class you’ve been to before. They are, in fact, strategically designed physiotherapy programs delivered to small groups of people with similar goals or conditions. We utilise a modifiable circuit model to allow us to tailor programs to the rehabilitation or prehabilitation needs of each individual within a class. Our classes are usually claimable on private health insurance as T560 (Group Physiotherapy). See our class schedule.


Our Services


 We develop holistic therapeutic exercise, rehabilitation and pain management programs for people with varying conditions including but not limited to:   Neurological conditions (congenital, acquired, chronic, and terminal) Balance Impairments Orthopaedic conditionsRead More...

Cardiopulmonary Health

Hospital and community health services offer excellent rehabilitation programs for people with established cardiac or pulmonary diseases. They are, however, time limited. They are also not scheduled to suit working people. StudiesRead More...

Women’s Health

Ladies, it is time to talk about the confronting statistics. Incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse affect at least one in three women in their lifetime.  Now is the time to do somethingRead More...


Prehabilitation is a strategic program of evidence-based exercise, designed and delivered by physiotherapists, to prevent the development or progression of injury, disease or disability. Our musculoskeletal prehabilitation classes have a circuit of exercisesRead More...